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Super Visa


The Super Visa is a visa category specifically designed for parents and grandparents. It was introduced in January 2012 to facilitate family reunification in Canada. Super Visa holders can stay for up to two years per visit, but they are not eligible for Canada's Medical Services Plan (MSP).


Target Audience:

Canadian citizens and permanent residents aged 18 and above who meet the criteria can help their parents and grandparents apply for the Super Visa:

- The inviter must meet the minimum income requirement for the year (which may vary annually).

- The inviter must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

- The inviter must provide written support for all living expenses during the visit of the parents or grandparents.

- Applicants must be parents or grandparents of the inviter.

- Applicants must purchase medical insurance for at least one year - Super Visa Insurance / Travel Insurance.

- Applicants must pass an official medical examination.



1. Applicants (parents or grandparents) need to submit:

- Original passport (valid for more than six months, with at least one blank page).

- IMM5257 form per applicant.

- Education and employment history.

- Two 3.5cmX4.5cm photos taken within the last six months.

- One sticker containing the applicant's name, address, postal code for return mail from the visa center.

- Copy of visa fee receipt.

- Letter of leave from the applicant's employer (if applicable).


2. Inviters (children or grandchildren) need to submit:

- Copy of Canadian identity, both sides of the maple leaf card.

- Invitation letter, written commitment to cover the applicant's expenses in Canada, including food, accommodation, transportation, and airfare.

- Household member list in Canada.

- Proof of relationship between the inviter and the applicant (e.g., birth certificate).

- Tax return for the current year.

- Employer letter (proof of income).

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